Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hay que and Se Prohibe idea

So the ppt I posted earlier is fantastic!  However, my best idea yet has been to use our infamous technology! Since we are a Google campus now, the kids have unlimited access to share docs and work on them in real-time.  I created a Google doc for 7 groups in each class period.  I shared this doc with the students.  They worked in groups of four to create a "Rules" sheet.  I gave each group the task to be principal for a day (good or bad).  The groups created 2 Hay que and 2 Se prohibe rules for their school.  They worked on these simultaneously and had so much fun adding graphics/pics/etc. I hung them in the hall after they finished.  This took only 1 day. If they didn't finish, they accessed the same files at home and worked on them there. :)

Click here to view the actual Google Doc.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Spanish 2: Hay que...and Se prohibe...

I feel bad for not posting any of my great level 2 materials.  So I am posting this wonderful ppt on the pics I'd grabbed from Pinterest for Hay que...and Se prohibe. Just click the link below.  It should take you to the ppt so you can download it. I like stretching my students to see other uses of hay que/se prohibe than just the school rules. I have them translate these on their own paper and the last slide I have them write 5 Se prohibe phrases using the pics on the slide.  It is completely doable for a level 2 classroom! It gets them to see the bigger picture and stretches their vocab! I love it! Besides...who couldn't say know to that cute little hamster doing sit-ups? Lol. Enjoy!

Hay que and Se prohibe ppt
Note: One of the slides is a picture of a grammatically incorrect Se prohibe phrase. I already know it is incorrect. :) I leave it, have students correct it in Spanish, and then put it in English. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spanish Geography Unit

Over the years I have come to love mnemonic devices. It teaches the students a great way to learn numerous items in a fun way. I've included the interactive notebook map pages we used to teach the geography unit. There are also some fantastic online games (Thank you Mrs. King) you can play with your students as well on the Smart Board.  Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5

Here are the words I use:

Mexico and Central America


South America

    Pink Unicorns

The Caribbean


Some of you may be wondering about the capitals.  I don't make the students memorize them.  I go over them and teach them, but our dept decided (Thank you Mrs. West) it isn't the MOST important thing to know.  Students will pick these up as we go.  However, the locations of the countries are SUPER important. I offer the capitals as bonus on the map test. I'm also allowing them to cash in bonus points for homework passes this year as well. It's amazing when you don't make capitals a mandatory part of the test how many students push themselves to learn all the capitals too! I enjoy teaching the kids a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives to memorize and learn numerous facts and details. It really works!  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Matrix

Gone are the days of rote memorization! Don't get me wrong...it is still important to memorize things, however, putting them in a more practical, real-life situation makes learning more meaningful for students. Isn't this what CCSS is all about...practical application?  It is becoming clearer to me--as I continue my eleven year journey of teaching--that students should be showing what they know, not just answering multiple choice questions on a test.  That's why I absolutely love this unit that our dept has created on Spanish-speaking countries.

We assigned students a Spanish-speaking country to research. Then we had them type their info in a Google Doc that was shared with the entire class. So really, all students were entering in their info into one "living" document.  I called this doc "The Matrix".  You will see why below. :)

We printed "The Matrix" for the students to do some comparing/contrasting.  Man, it was amazing to see the learning take place as they studied this doc! It stirred up inquiry...it made meaning...it just created a spark in some of them that I had never seen.  They were finally seeing the BIG PICTURE! Those are the exciting moments in teaching.

But here comes the even bigger kicker...then we assigned them a vacation project.  Who doesn't like dreaming about a vacation? Lol.  The kids then got to choose five Spanish-speaking countries to visit. They have to tell different things about these countries, show us their travel route, and present their vacation to the class.

I am so excited about this project. I realize that this make take some extra time for this, but seriously...they need it! We had one kid that thought China was on the pre-test of Spanish-speaking countries! Sigh.

So check out "The Matrix below".  The possibilities for this are endless! I added the link here for you! Enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tu vs Usted Interactive Notebook Sheet

In our creation of the PE Unit for Spanish I, we realized we left off an important concept-Tu vs. Usted.  So I've added this to our notebooks for the unit.  Please feel free to take, download, edit, or use in your classroom!  Tu vs Usted INS sheet Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spanish Numbers Battleship

I'm sure I have seen this somewhere...so forgive me if I stole this from someone! This has been the best interactive notebook activity! I gave the students two 1-100 number grids.  I asked them to draw a letter of the alphabet anywhere in their grid and shade it in lightly with a pencil or highlighter. This is their "battleship". They must not show their partners! Then students take turns calling numbers in Spanish attempting to sink their "ship".  Students respond with "Sí lo tengo or No lo tengo".  If the student had that number, their partner would mark with a highlighter or shade in that number.  If the student didn't have that number the partner would mark an X in that numbered box.  Students continue playing until all the letter is revealed.  This is a GREAT numbers practice! The best part is I get to be a facilitator and not the "sage on stage"! YES!

ENJOY! Here is the word document for the blank numbers chart.  Each student gets a printout with both grids.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Can Statement Stamps! Finally!

Well...I've been working on these babies for the last two days! They are finally here, ladies and gentlemen!

These are stamp sheets so students/teachers can stamp or sticker the "I can" statement that is completed/learned.  I saw this on Pintrest from some other genius...again...however...I want to make mine where people can use them! Share and share alike, people!!!! Right now I only have Novice Low and Novice Mid stamps. If I'm too slow for you, you can make the other levels using this template.

And now I just have to figure out where I'm going to have the students store these? Interactive Notebooks? Binders? Laminated? You have any ideas? Please share!

Buena Suerte!


Interactive Notebook Rubric and Rules Template

I promised I would get these out.  Sorry for the delay! I'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks before school starts. Lol.

Here is the link to the rubric and rules for the interactive notebooks.  I left the names of the people that I borrowed things from.  Please give credit where credit its due. +Jennifer Smith Sloane, thanks for the great ideas on the rubric!  You absolutely rock in all you do! I did change mine just a little bit to fit my curriculum. May we continue to share for the sake of our students and THEIR success! Thanks!

And the work continues with Interactive Notebooks!

Monday, August 4, 2014

ACTFL I Can Statement Posters for Novice Low and Novice Mid

I'm still working like a crazy woman on the interactive notebooks.  I think I've finally convinced the others in my dept to follow up with these. :)

Now we will start dividing and conquering each unit that we teach.  The other teachers have taken the template I posted earlier in the PE unit and will start to work on Units 1 and 2.  So now if we can stay ahead of the game, that would be fantastic!

Now on to the best thing ever!!! I wanted to create something I had seen on TPT.  You all know I hate paying for this stuff! So...

I created Novice Low and Novice Mid Posters in PPT.  If you don't like my background slide, feel free to change it to whatever you like! :) Share and share alike!

I hope this helps you all out.  If you haven't seen the official FREE digital pdf document from ACTFL yet,  I'll put the link here.


Friday, July 11, 2014

More Interactive Spanish Notebooks

I have been looking and "researching" everyone's ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks)...more like creeping on everyone's blogs, pintrest, and websites. Lol. 

I have come to the conclusion of several things:
1.) Students must feel like this is their "baby". They must be invested in this plain jane composition notebook.  How do you do that? Well...I think they will take ownership of it when you allow them to make it their own by decorating it, doodling in it, and allowing them to put things in it that are meaningful to them. I may even add a section in the back of their notebooks that is just for them to put drawings, notes, doodles, etc in that will not be in the ToC (Table of Contents).

Note:  I believe my first assignment for them is going to be to decorate the notebook and have them put a Spanish phrase (school appropriate of course) on the cover along with subject title in Spanish.

2.) I want to add a mini folder in the back of the notebook. I have around 150 students.  I am contemplating laminating these suckers, but to be honest, that is A LOT of work for 150 kiddos. I'm not sure I'm up for that.  I may just replace the folders as they become worn and torn.

3.) I also want to put a ribbon in for a place holder/bookmark.  Ideas for how to do this: hot gluing one or two dots for them, already pre-cut ribbons to give students.  That won't take a lot of prep.  I can even glue mini folder and ribbon on in the same period to maximize my time.

4.) I'm going to provide several rolls of duct tape to put on the binding to more easily identify notebooks. I will also give them the opportunity to put their own style of duct tape on it as well.
Here's what mine looks like so far. I modged podged the pics from my trip to Spain to my cover to make it last longer and be more durable. I will encourage students to modge podge it on their own,
but I will provide that for students who can't get it or don't have it.

 All of the things you see here are on a link in my last post. Scroll down to check it out!

Coming soon is a post on rubric ideas and student grading sheets for them to keep up with their own grades!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interactive Spanish Notebooks

I've recently been thinking. Dangerous...I know. I'm ready for a change in my classroom. It's time to bring out the "big guns". It's time for...INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS!!!

I hate notes...it drives me bonkers to see the kids so disengaged when we take notes. I've even gotten my note-taking skills down to a 10 min art.  I ONLY give notes for 10 min. because that is about all I can stand of it!  So I'm going to try my hand at ISN (Interactive Student/Spanish Notebooks).

I've been working extremely hard on creating some notebook templates and activities for my notebooks.  I just want you to know that everything I share here I share for FREE. :) I just ask that you give credit where credit is due. Please feel free to change and modify these but remember to site your source (that's me).  I also listed the sources that I got things from as well.  I personally believe we should all share FREELY, but that's another blog post.

Enjoy and share what you find here...I will be posting more as I work on more pages.

When you click the link it looks like there may be formatting issues in google preview. However, when you download it and open in Word, it is totally fine.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Using the Imperfect and Storybird

This week we are learning the imperfect tense. The students will create digital stories using Storybird and the imperfect tense.  I have included the links for my imperfect story and the rubric I used.  If you find any errors or would like to change it, please feel free. :)

I am so excited to see what my students will create.  Storybird is a free program online that allows students to use a predetermined set of illustrations to create a story.  There are some limitations with the program, so play around with it first so you can make sure this is what you need for your classes.  My classes are 9th graders, and this works just fine.  I like having the limitations...others may want their students to have more creative license.  There are a ton of digital story programs.  Here is a link if you are interested in other programs. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Digital Storytelling with the Imperfect Tense

I recently went to the SCOLT conference and saw a workshop on digital storytelling.  The presenters did a fantastic job with the stories.  I learned that PNG pic files work better for your digital stories because they don't have the outer white shadow boxes.  I also learned that there are a lot of free programs to edit pics.

 However, saying all that, I just created my first digital story book.  In truth, I just scanned the pics in from the book I purchased...cropped the pics...and added bigger text boxes in PowerPoint to form my story. Now...I believe as long as I don't put this ppt on the web for all to have and as long as I purchased the book I am free to use it for educational purposes. So forgive me...I'm not going to put a link for this, but it only took me an hour. Not bad, eh?

If you are still not sure how to do this, please shoot me an email.  I'd be happy to run you through this step by step.

I've put a link to the book I purchased. This book is Maria Tenia Una Llamita...parallel story to Mary Had a Little Lamb. It is a GREAT use of the imperfect with only a few preterite sentences in the end.  This is such a manageable resource for Spanish 2.

I'm going to go through the ppt and have students write down the imperfect tenses that they find.  Then we are going to go back through the story and define meaning for the imperfect tenses. This is a great way to introduce and see the imperfect tense.  Some options...you could have the students change the story and create their own storyline...either beginning, middle, or end. Students could also write their own parallel story. For example, students could write about una vampira y un murcielago (a vampire and a bat).

I've also provided a link for the presentation I saw on digital storytelling.  Check out their other presentations too.  Fantastic resource! http://scsworldlanguages.weebly.com/actfl-2013.html

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Realidades 2 Ch 3B (continued)

Eight different stations:
1. Direction giving using my "city"
2. Writing directions from a city map.
3. Conversation writing between parent and student driver
4. DOP practice 
5. Present progressive practice
6. Road course with cones and blindfolded partner
7. Vocab practice
8. Simon says with more commands 

See link from last post below :) 

Realidades 2 Ch 3B ¿Cómo se va...?

I made stations for my students to visit to practice all the items from Ch. 3B.  I made a road for the students to practice getting from one place to another...following directions...writing directions using maps of our city...etc.  I've included pics of all these stations.  We also practiced grammar with worksheets at some of the stations too.  I've included the link to everything in my google drive . Click here.  Please feel free to use these, modify these, and pass them on. If I made any errors with language, please let me know. I did this late one night. Lol.

These activities take 2 days to complete.  I gave them about 10 min at each station.  The students favorite was the "road" course.  I used our auditorium and set up a winding road course using orange soccer cones.  The partner had to navigate the blindfolded individual thru the maze successfully giving directions in Spanish, such as go straight, turn left/right, stop, to the right/left a little...etc. So much fun!

 Find a big space to do these activities.  I had kids spread out everywhere in the auditorium.  It was so neat to stand in the middle of that big room and watch learning take place all around me.  Talk about student driven learning and discovery learning.  I felt so successful that day with this lesson.  So much work...but yet so gratifying!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Informal tu commands (regular and irregular)

In Spanish 2 we are working with the you informal commands (irregular and regular).  I am using this YouTube video and these lyrics as a warm up practice activity in class. Click the link for the lyrics.  It is a cloze activity (aka fill in the blank).  Ven Conmigo Lyrics-Christina Aguilera

Getting Started

I'm so excited to be posting on my own blog! I've seen so many things on Pintrest, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. that I just decided to take the plunge and offer what I have learned to the teaching world. I am also too cheap to pay for things (like TPT) to use in my classroom.  I'm a poor teacher as it is. Lol.  I want to share my things with anyone and everyone without charging a fee.  I understand that some teachers are using that money to give back to other charities and organizations, and I think that is truly fantastic, but...I do just wish that we would all just share our knowledge freely to benefit teachers and inevitably students. So enjoy! What's mine is yours!