Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Informal tu commands (regular and irregular)

In Spanish 2 we are working with the you informal commands (irregular and regular).  I am using this YouTube video and these lyrics as a warm up practice activity in class. Click the link for the lyrics.  It is a cloze activity (aka fill in the blank).  Ven Conmigo Lyrics-Christina Aguilera

Getting Started

I'm so excited to be posting on my own blog! I've seen so many things on Pintrest, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. that I just decided to take the plunge and offer what I have learned to the teaching world. I am also too cheap to pay for things (like TPT) to use in my classroom.  I'm a poor teacher as it is. Lol.  I want to share my things with anyone and everyone without charging a fee.  I understand that some teachers are using that money to give back to other charities and organizations, and I think that is truly fantastic, but...I do just wish that we would all just share our knowledge freely to benefit teachers and inevitably students. So enjoy! What's mine is yours!