Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Digital Storytelling with the Imperfect Tense

I recently went to the SCOLT conference and saw a workshop on digital storytelling.  The presenters did a fantastic job with the stories.  I learned that PNG pic files work better for your digital stories because they don't have the outer white shadow boxes.  I also learned that there are a lot of free programs to edit pics.

 However, saying all that, I just created my first digital story book.  In truth, I just scanned the pics in from the book I purchased...cropped the pics...and added bigger text boxes in PowerPoint to form my story. Now...I believe as long as I don't put this ppt on the web for all to have and as long as I purchased the book I am free to use it for educational purposes. So forgive me...I'm not going to put a link for this, but it only took me an hour. Not bad, eh?

If you are still not sure how to do this, please shoot me an email.  I'd be happy to run you through this step by step.

I've put a link to the book I purchased. This book is Maria Tenia Una Llamita...parallel story to Mary Had a Little Lamb. It is a GREAT use of the imperfect with only a few preterite sentences in the end.  This is such a manageable resource for Spanish 2.

I'm going to go through the ppt and have students write down the imperfect tenses that they find.  Then we are going to go back through the story and define meaning for the imperfect tenses. This is a great way to introduce and see the imperfect tense.  Some could have the students change the story and create their own storyline...either beginning, middle, or end. Students could also write their own parallel story. For example, students could write about una vampira y un murcielago (a vampire and a bat).

I've also provided a link for the presentation I saw on digital storytelling.  Check out their other presentations too.  Fantastic resource!

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