Sunday, March 16, 2014

Realidades 2 Ch 3B ¿Cómo se va...?

I made stations for my students to visit to practice all the items from Ch. 3B.  I made a road for the students to practice getting from one place to another...following directions...writing directions using maps of our city...etc.  I've included pics of all these stations.  We also practiced grammar with worksheets at some of the stations too.  I've included the link to everything in my google drive . Click here.  Please feel free to use these, modify these, and pass them on. If I made any errors with language, please let me know. I did this late one night. Lol.

These activities take 2 days to complete.  I gave them about 10 min at each station.  The students favorite was the "road" course.  I used our auditorium and set up a winding road course using orange soccer cones.  The partner had to navigate the blindfolded individual thru the maze successfully giving directions in Spanish, such as go straight, turn left/right, stop, to the right/left a little...etc. So much fun!

 Find a big space to do these activities.  I had kids spread out everywhere in the auditorium.  It was so neat to stand in the middle of that big room and watch learning take place all around me.  Talk about student driven learning and discovery learning.  I felt so successful that day with this lesson.  So much work...but yet so gratifying!!!!

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