Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Can Statement Stamps! Finally!

Well...I've been working on these babies for the last two days! They are finally here, ladies and gentlemen!

These are stamp sheets so students/teachers can stamp or sticker the "I can" statement that is completed/learned.  I saw this on Pintrest from some other genius...again...however...I want to make mine where people can use them! Share and share alike, people!!!! Right now I only have Novice Low and Novice Mid stamps. If I'm too slow for you, you can make the other levels using this template.

And now I just have to figure out where I'm going to have the students store these? Interactive Notebooks? Binders? Laminated? You have any ideas? Please share!

Buena Suerte!


Interactive Notebook Rubric and Rules Template

I promised I would get these out.  Sorry for the delay! I'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks before school starts. Lol.

Here is the link to the rubric and rules for the interactive notebooks.  I left the names of the people that I borrowed things from.  Please give credit where credit its due. +Jennifer Smith Sloane, thanks for the great ideas on the rubric!  You absolutely rock in all you do! I did change mine just a little bit to fit my curriculum. May we continue to share for the sake of our students and THEIR success! Thanks!

And the work continues with Interactive Notebooks!

Monday, August 4, 2014

ACTFL I Can Statement Posters for Novice Low and Novice Mid

I'm still working like a crazy woman on the interactive notebooks.  I think I've finally convinced the others in my dept to follow up with these. :)

Now we will start dividing and conquering each unit that we teach.  The other teachers have taken the template I posted earlier in the PE unit and will start to work on Units 1 and 2.  So now if we can stay ahead of the game, that would be fantastic!

Now on to the best thing ever!!! I wanted to create something I had seen on TPT.  You all know I hate paying for this stuff! So...

I created Novice Low and Novice Mid Posters in PPT.  If you don't like my background slide, feel free to change it to whatever you like! :) Share and share alike!

I hope this helps you all out.  If you haven't seen the official FREE digital pdf document from ACTFL yet,  I'll put the link here.