Monday, August 4, 2014

ACTFL I Can Statement Posters for Novice Low and Novice Mid

I'm still working like a crazy woman on the interactive notebooks.  I think I've finally convinced the others in my dept to follow up with these. :)

Now we will start dividing and conquering each unit that we teach.  The other teachers have taken the template I posted earlier in the PE unit and will start to work on Units 1 and 2.  So now if we can stay ahead of the game, that would be fantastic!

Now on to the best thing ever!!! I wanted to create something I had seen on TPT.  You all know I hate paying for this stuff! So...

I created Novice Low and Novice Mid Posters in PPT.  If you don't like my background slide, feel free to change it to whatever you like! :) Share and share alike!

I hope this helps you all out.  If you haven't seen the official FREE digital pdf document from ACTFL yet,  I'll put the link here.


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