Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spanish Numbers Battleship

I'm sure I have seen this somewhere...so forgive me if I stole this from someone! This has been the best interactive notebook activity! I gave the students two 1-100 number grids.  I asked them to draw a letter of the alphabet anywhere in their grid and shade it in lightly with a pencil or highlighter. This is their "battleship". They must not show their partners! Then students take turns calling numbers in Spanish attempting to sink their "ship".  Students respond with "Sí lo tengo or No lo tengo".  If the student had that number, their partner would mark with a highlighter or shade in that number.  If the student didn't have that number the partner would mark an X in that numbered box.  Students continue playing until all the letter is revealed.  This is a GREAT numbers practice! The best part is I get to be a facilitator and not the "sage on stage"! YES!

ENJOY! Here is the word document for the blank numbers chart.  Each student gets a printout with both grids.

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