Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hay que and Se Prohibe idea

So the ppt I posted earlier is fantastic!  However, my best idea yet has been to use our infamous technology! Since we are a Google campus now, the kids have unlimited access to share docs and work on them in real-time.  I created a Google doc for 7 groups in each class period.  I shared this doc with the students.  They worked in groups of four to create a "Rules" sheet.  I gave each group the task to be principal for a day (good or bad).  The groups created 2 Hay que and 2 Se prohibe rules for their school.  They worked on these simultaneously and had so much fun adding graphics/pics/etc. I hung them in the hall after they finished.  This took only 1 day. If they didn't finish, they accessed the same files at home and worked on them there. :)

Click here to view the actual Google Doc.  Enjoy!

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