Monday, October 6, 2014

Spanish 2: Hay que...and Se prohibe...

I feel bad for not posting any of my great level 2 materials.  So I am posting this wonderful ppt on the pics I'd grabbed from Pinterest for Hay que...and Se prohibe. Just click the link below.  It should take you to the ppt so you can download it. I like stretching my students to see other uses of hay que/se prohibe than just the school rules. I have them translate these on their own paper and the last slide I have them write 5 Se prohibe phrases using the pics on the slide.  It is completely doable for a level 2 classroom! It gets them to see the bigger picture and stretches their vocab! I love it! Besides...who couldn't say know to that cute little hamster doing sit-ups? Lol. Enjoy!

Hay que and Se prohibe ppt
Note: One of the slides is a picture of a grammatically incorrect Se prohibe phrase. I already know it is incorrect. :) I leave it, have students correct it in Spanish, and then put it in English. :)

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