Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hay que and Se Prohibe idea

So the ppt I posted earlier is fantastic!  However, my best idea yet has been to use our infamous technology! Since we are a Google campus now, the kids have unlimited access to share docs and work on them in real-time.  I created a Google doc for 7 groups in each class period.  I shared this doc with the students.  They worked in groups of four to create a "Rules" sheet.  I gave each group the task to be principal for a day (good or bad).  The groups created 2 Hay que and 2 Se prohibe rules for their school.  They worked on these simultaneously and had so much fun adding graphics/pics/etc. I hung them in the hall after they finished.  This took only 1 day. If they didn't finish, they accessed the same files at home and worked on them there. :)

Click here to view the actual Google Doc.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Spanish 2: Hay que...and Se prohibe...

I feel bad for not posting any of my great level 2 materials.  So I am posting this wonderful ppt on the pics I'd grabbed from Pinterest for Hay que...and Se prohibe. Just click the link below.  It should take you to the ppt so you can download it. I like stretching my students to see other uses of hay que/se prohibe than just the school rules. I have them translate these on their own paper and the last slide I have them write 5 Se prohibe phrases using the pics on the slide.  It is completely doable for a level 2 classroom! It gets them to see the bigger picture and stretches their vocab! I love it! Besides...who couldn't say know to that cute little hamster doing sit-ups? Lol. Enjoy!

Hay que and Se prohibe ppt
Note: One of the slides is a picture of a grammatically incorrect Se prohibe phrase. I already know it is incorrect. :) I leave it, have students correct it in Spanish, and then put it in English. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spanish Geography Unit

Over the years I have come to love mnemonic devices. It teaches the students a great way to learn numerous items in a fun way. I've included the interactive notebook map pages we used to teach the geography unit. There are also some fantastic online games (Thank you Mrs. King) you can play with your students as well on the Smart Board.  Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5

Here are the words I use:

Mexico and Central America


South America

    Pink Unicorns

The Caribbean


Some of you may be wondering about the capitals.  I don't make the students memorize them.  I go over them and teach them, but our dept decided (Thank you Mrs. West) it isn't the MOST important thing to know.  Students will pick these up as we go.  However, the locations of the countries are SUPER important. I offer the capitals as bonus on the map test. I'm also allowing them to cash in bonus points for homework passes this year as well. It's amazing when you don't make capitals a mandatory part of the test how many students push themselves to learn all the capitals too! I enjoy teaching the kids a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives to memorize and learn numerous facts and details. It really works!  Enjoy!