Friday, September 4, 2015

DINOs to the Rescue!

My Google Sites Website Template...

I am absolutely L-O-V-I-N-G the Google Chromebooks in my classroom! This has been such a huge blessing this year.  These Chromebooks have been the very reason I started to use Digital Interactive Notebooks (DINOs).

So how's the DINO coming, well...we are off to a good start. I finally got a template worked up thanks to one of my coworkers-- shout out to Steph. Once I got the template set up the way I liked, it was super easy. The students used my template and created their own website. I will say, Google Sites is not the most user-friendly website creator out there, but since we are a Google school, I felt it was easiest for the students to upload items from their Drive.

I gave my level two students the review project that I give them every year during the first week of school. I divide them into about 7-8 groups and have them take a unit from level one to teach and review. They create a Google Slide presentation and activities for the class.  Since everything is Google, when they finished I shared all the group presentations via Google Classroom and had them link them to their websites. It was super easy.  It took about 10-15 min for them to link the presentations on their site.  I imagine that this process will get faster as I do this more often.  I was pretty impressed.  We didn't have one glitch in any of my classes.  It was a miracle.  I kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it never did.

I did give the students a information sheet that explained how to link and get things from Classroom to their website. I've uploaded those instructions here.  You can create your own Google Sites template for your class and give them similar instructions.

On their websites is now a "Level 1 Review" tab with each of their classes' group presentations linked for easy access and review at any time.  Here is the link to my template where you can see where the students would link the presentations.

We are doing more DINO work this next week.  I will post how it goes! Wish me luck!


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