Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh my dear sweet DINOs! I had a "duh" moment last week.  I thought I was tech savvy enough to get the kids started on Blogger and then have them place an RSS feed to their websites.  If you aren't tech savvy, you are probably thinking I'm speaking a foreign language right now! Lol.  

An RSS feed is a web feed that publishes frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video from another source.  You may have subscribed to an RSS feed at one time or another. It just pushes the info into one feed and location.

First, I had the students blog on Blogger to get a feel for blogging.  It is different when you ask them to blog in another language.  Expect less but set high expectations for quality.  On a different day, we came back to the Google Sites and set up an RSS feed gadget.  I've included directions for that here.

Here's my RSS feed on my Google Site. 

I checked and double checked my directions. I tried it out on my "fake" sites/Blogger etc. I thought I was prepared.  To my surprise, none of the students were successful in adding the RSS feed.  It kept popping the same stupid message "cannot parse the feed".  I was ready to chunk all the technology out the window!  I scratched that idea and goal for the day and did some investigating over the next several days.  Turns out because I had my students set up as private on their Blogger account, they couldn't "parse the feed".  As soon as I had my students change their settings in Blogger, we were all set! Man, sometimes you gotta just roll with the punches! Don't give up!

Now that our RSS gadget is all set up, we will never have to do it again, (Praise the Lord) and it automatically pulls their blog posts to their website. How awesome is that!  I will keep the posts coming. Next item we are working on is the digital locker for each unit. Wish me luck!!!! Back in the trenches I go!

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